25 new women being helped in 2018

This year we have 25 women in the Buyantanshi Women Project


The project began in january with an intense week with workshops every day to empower the women for the best possible start in their life changing journey of entrepreneurship, life skills and self worth. We had a very successful workshop week with 10 teachers with different skills and talents teaching 17 different subjects/topics ranging from Financial Management and Customer Care to The Importance of a Dream and Responsibility of Hygiene. During that week the women got to know each other well and the fruit of that has been clear for us to see ever since.

On the last day in the workshop week the women were very grateful and happy to receive microfinance loans to start up businesses in order for them to improve their life standard. 


We meet with the women as a group every tuesday for teaching and workshops, and on the tuesday following the workshop week, the women expressed their gratitude for what they had learned during the workshop week and shared what subjects they had been inspired by. Several of them shared how Customer Care had changed their perspective towards how to treat and respect customers and other people. Even though they found the Financial Management difficult they said that they now had a tool to keep track on how their business is doing and to figure out their profits. The workshops on Planning Your Vision Ahead and A Woman after God’s Heart inspired them and stirred their hearts for more.

Throughout the workshop week we emphasised the importance of working together and helping each other instead of being competitors. One of the women shared with us how for the first time she had learned not to be jealous of other people’s progress, but that she will now point a customer in the direction of other good shops owned by the women in the group.

All of them were expressing gratitude towards us as persons for how we are interacting with them and also for Dream Factory: “Other organizations will just give out loans without knowledge. But not this organisation. We are learning a lot through the workshops, and we are in a group of women where we can support and encourage each other. And the loans we get are interest-free. And we can feel that you care about us and want us to succeed.”

These are powerful women who are passionate about changing their community. Last tuesday they were discussing how change can come - and they are not only talking about themselves, they are talking about the community! The women believe that if they stand together as a group, they can empower other people and inspire change. “We have to be the group that makes the difference! We should be the group that becomes the most successful group in Dream Factory history, the group where payback is 100% and where we will not stop empowering change after the end of this year!”. And they are surely walking the talk as they already have ideas on how they can be empowered/empower themselves even further when the year is finished - talking about making plans on how to assure change in the community together as a big family.

We are so blessed to have such a powerful group of passionate women and we believe that this year will be limitless in the progress of empowerment, change and freedom!

Dream Factory Zambia exists to bring hope to those who are hopeless, bring life and freedom to grow in their families and society. We are on mission to bring back dreams to dreamers (Proverbs 29:18) and we believe: “If you can dream it, you can do it!”. We want to see women’s dreams be fulfilled, changing many vulnerable families in Nkwazi community and Ndola through empowering women.

About 162 women in this community have so far benefitted from Buyantanshi Dream Factory Project and we have seen change in the community from 2012 until 2018 and we hope to see more change in the coming future.