If You Can Dream It - You Can Do It


We are currently raising funds to build on our plot in Nkwazi, where we run our womens program. We need to build to maintain the development of our work. If you can help, please donate HERE

Vision: “We fuel the dreams of the zambian people to bring life and freedom to grow and empower them to live their dreams.”

Mission: We exist to:

  • Fuel the dreams of the zambian people by empowering them to be creative, visionary and responsible to change their own lives

  • Teach people to bring change to their own community and to be good role models

  • Bring sustainable development with a Christian and holistic focus

Dream Factory Zambia is a non-profit making organisation, wanting to make a big difference for the youth of Zambia as well as families of single women and their children. The organisation is based in Ndola, Zambia, and is founded by people from Zambia and Denmark. Dream Factory is supported by people in Denmark.

Our strategy is to equip young role models who can show other young people the way to hope and a better future, and to empower women to sustain their families. We fuel the dreams of the Zambian people.

You can read about our work on this webpage, and we ask you to consider supporting us in one or more ways. Check out and see how you can make a difference here  →

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Empowering women to sustain their families

Learn how we empower women to start and maintain a business to sustain their family. Many women have been left by their husbands, and must sustain the children on their own. Often this means they lack food and do not go to school.

Learn More about how we help them change their lives 


Developing young people through football

Young people in Zambia are often living without meaningful activities after school and many get involved in crime, alcohol or drug abuse, or other problems. Football is a great tool to aim these young people with help, character building and educate them in life skills.

Find Out What We Do →


Become a volunteer in Zambia and make a difference

We have had a succesful volunteer programme for several years, where young people come to Zambia. It is a great opportunity to travel and experience Africa first hand, living and embracing the culture, and experience to help local Zambians according to your skills. 

Learn more about the programme →