Julie and Louise (volunteers 2017)

If you want to travel and it is your first time going on a longer trip, Dream Factory is the perfect place to begin. We are two girls, who have never travelled outside Europe before, and it was a big step for us to decide to go to Zambia. A decision we have not regretted.

The staff in Dream Factory played a big part in our stay. Incredible nice and hospitable people, who make sure, that you never feel alone or unsafe. There are always people around you, and you can ask them anything or just talk with them.

We chose this type of travel, as we wanted to make a difference. And after our trip we very much have the feeling, that we did make a difference. For example we visited an orphanage, and received a welcome we shall never forget. When the gate to the orphanage was opened, the first thing we saw was a little girl that came running towards the car, opened the door and had a big smile on her face. She looked almost more thrilled than she could contain, and she reached for our hands. Already there we felt like we were making a difference. You realize how much they appreciate the small things in life, and all they really need is your company, and that leaves you with a great feeling inside.

This is only one out of many experiences we have had thanks to Dream Factory.

The best recommendations from Julie & Louise 

Jasmin Halledie (volunteer 2015)

Dreaming about making a difference and experience Zambia, then Dream Factory is waiting for you. 

I stayed at Dream House for 2 months. Through my stay I helped teaching Math, English and P.E at Byanthashi Community School. Beside that I helped every Wednesday at Art Club where every creative thinking is useful. Dream house is placed not far from the town and next to an affectionate and helpful Zambian family. They take you in as you were a part of their own family, and you are always welcome in their house. It makes you feel safe, and then you always have someone to share your impressions with.

Do you wish to experience more of Zambia during your stay then the workers in Dream Factory are more than assistance in planning a trip with you. They helped me plan a trip to Livingstone, where there are plenty of opportunities to experience the African wildlife, Victoria Falls, villages and meeting other travelers.  

I chose to travel alone to challenge myself in unfamiliar areas. By travelling alone you are forced to talk to new people, make decisions on your own and rely on your own abilities. I have never regretted that decision.  I have learned incredible new things about myself as a human being, and I will never trade this experience for anything.

Zambia is such an amiably country with cheerful and openhearted people. It is definitely recommendable! 

Sofie and Mathilde (Volunteers 2015)

Our stay in Zambia with Dream Factory has been so life affirming. We stayed in Dream House for 5 weeks and we came home with so many new experiences and memories!

It’s amazing to see how happy you can make other people by doing simple things. During our stay we helped at different projects such as teaching in physical education and art at the Buyantanshi Community School, helping at the Isubilo community center and teaching kids in Art Class. Furthermore, we also visited the Girls transient home in Twapia every Saturday. It made our day to see the girls run happily towards us as we entered the gate to the transient home, and to see how happy and excited the pupils got when they found out that we were going to teach them.

Besides working at the projects, we got to see parts of the Zambian culture, which is a big contrast from what we are used to in Denmark. 

Living in Dream House was a really good base where nothing was missing. Here we had a good foundation for preparation and relaxing. It was also nice to live next to such a warm and helpful family that we got to know really well. It was sad to leave Zambia but we got home with a feeling of having done something good and with so many new great experiences that can help us in our future.

Dream Factory is definitely recommendable! 

Iben, Linette and Iben (volunteers 2014)

After 3 months as volunteers, we can warmly recommend Dream Factory, Zambia. We have participated in many different projects. We helped to start an Art Group for children in Nkwazi township, we arranged a football club for girls, we taught athletics at Buyantanshi School and played with 20 girls at an orphanage. All projects have taught us a lot and made a great impression on us.

Personally, we have learned to be bold enough to be independent in a foreign culture and stand in front of foreigners to present our thoughts and ideas. It is great to be aware that others appreciate your presence and that you are making a difference for orphans and vulnerable children in a developing country.

As a volunteer with Dream Factory, Zambia you have the added bonus that social work can be combined with adventure. It has not only been work, but we have also had some exciting excursions. We had a safari trip to South Luangwa game park, where we enjoyed watching the fantastic African wild life.

We have been living in the Dream House. We have been very happy for this base from where we could prepare for the work in the projects and relax. When you are a volunteer in Dream Factory, Zambia, you experience a completely different culture. You learn to think very creatively and always contemplate a plan B or C, you move your borders, you make a difference, you experience new things and you have a great time.

Mikkel Nielsen (volunteer 2013)

Make a difference without scars on soul or body. After a hard tour as a solider for 7 months, I wanted to make difference without risks. After a short research I chose Dream Factory and Zambia as the projects are very good, and I really felt that I could teach and do somehing. With my background it was natural to teach in different places in the projects about first aid. It can take up to 3 hours for ambulances to respond in Zambia. So it brought great joy to teach people how to save and stabilise the patient before the professionals arrive. It also quickly spread that I am a magician, which brought great joy to the youth. It was all a magical experience.

Peter, Nichlas, Mads & Andreas (Volunteers 2013)

Video presentation in danish - with possible subtitles in english

Julie Blem Jensen and Caroline Berg Høyer (volunteers 2013)

Dream Factory is definitely recommendable! Do you want to experience Zambia then Dream Factory is the right choice. Through them and Dream House where you stay you have a safe base, where you can come home every night and relax, which is important after a hard and eventful day. The great thing about Dream Factory is that you get the chance to choose what you want to do in the community's, and that gives a good opportunity to help people in many different ways.

We were involved in Adopt A Club(the soccer project), which was an extremely great experience. Through the soccer clubs we got a nice relationship to the boys on the teams and the coaches. In that way we got to see a lot of the culture in Zambia and we have a lot of good memories. The fact that you get a good relationship with a lot of people from the local community's is also one of the reasons why we recommend Dream Factory. We have a lot of good memories with us home that we will never forget, and the fact that we have made a different to help some people in Zambia is wonderful – therefore you have to experience it yourself!

Vibeke Strebøl (volunteer 2013)

Do you dream about being a volonteer in Africa? Then Dream Factory is an obvious choice. I had 2 fantastic months in Zambia, where I taught a lot of great zambian children. I was involved in several of Dream Factorys projects, and got to see Zambia both good and bad. Dream Factory also gives you opportunity for other experiences than just volunteer work. I had time to go camping, experience a safari in Botswana, bungee jumping and even living in a small village for a few days. I have had an experience of a lifetime.


Jakob Iversen (volunteer 2012)

For me it has been a special adventure to visit Africa, and to work as a volunteer in Dream Factory's projects. During my stay I taught children and young people how to swim, and helped to start a computer course. To be a volunteer has been a fantastic experience that I can recommend to everyone, and it has been a great joy for me to help in a country that really needs help!

Lene Skovbjerg (volunteer 2012)

"Dream Factory" short, precise, and so true. Dream Factory is  really making a great difference in young people's lives. Through Dream Factory dreams becomes a reality, young people here in Zambia are given the opportunities to learn new sports activities, and get the opportunity to develop themselves as individuals.

For me the dream to visit Africa and make a difference also became a reality. Dream Factory made it possible for me to visit Zambia and introduce gymnastics to a little community school in Twapia, Ndola. Zambians have some knowledge about gymnastics, and I was able to further educate them in gymnastics. I will always recommend Dream Factory if you have a dream to visit Africa because though Dream Factory everything is possible

Pictures from different volunteers moments in Zambia