Dream Factory Academy - football programme

Dream Factory Academy is the name of a community development project in Ndola, Zambia. It was started by Godfrey Mwashi in 2016. Up til end of 2017 we had a project called Adopt a club, but we have changed focus to start or help start/grow new community clubs with the same aim to empower young people.


Why Dream factory academy?

The idea behind Dream Factory Academy is to create a secure foundation for vulnerable young people. A safe haven from the usual hard and tough everyday life - a place where there is space to dream and where dreams can become a reality. In Zambia you will not find any organized football clubs for young people. There is rarely anything to do in their spare time, so many are being led into drug and substance abuse, infection of HIV/AIDS, crime etc, which as a result leads to talents going to waste. Disappointments and failures are a part of a young Zambian’s daily life.

With Dream Factory Academy we provide a break for these young people - a place of belonging, where unity and solidarity is formed and a place where they get challenged. Football is a tool - a powerful tool - that reaches far and gets a good grip of the lives of the vulnerable young people. Dream Factory Academy is about creating role models amongst these young people, who with a strong character can positively affect their environment and fellow human beings in the community.


In Dream Factory Academy football goes hand in hand with education and character building. The young people are helped to grow healthy. Our coaches know each player and their circumstances in life, and help them in every way possible. 


The Faz-u20 league Ndola

Together with 15 other community football clubs we have started a recognized tournament. All clubs work to improve lives of young people through football, but focusing on all aspects of life.